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    In the Construction Zone- Lean Manufacturing

    Hey everyone

    We have gotten a couple of questions recently about why we only ship once a month. So I wanted to address that, why we use leaning manufacturing, and also share some of our thoughts about both economic and environmental sustainability.

    So what is lean manufacturing and how we use it? 

    "Lean principles are derived from the Japanese manufacturing industry. The goal is to create only the things, that you, our community values while wasting nothing in terms of materials, time, or energy."

    Lean implementation is therefore focused on getting the right things to the right place at the right time in the right quantity to achieve a perfect flow while minimizing waste and being flexible and able to change.

    This helps us to never order materials that won't get used, minimize the space that we need to work in, and never ever waste any time when that time could be used more creatively. 

    Which means that we batch production, order only the necessary amount of materials, and work to create the best possible goods made to order for you! We will be shipping around the 15th of every month, based on order from the previous 30 days of sales. You should expect to receive your order the third week of every month. 

    These are the 3 principles of lean manufacturing that we strive to live by:

    • Muri (overburden, overstock) focuses on the preparation and planning of the process, or what work can be avoided proactively by design.
    • Next, mura (unevenness) then focuses on how the work design is implemented and the elimination of fluctuation at the scheduling or operations level, such as quality and volume.
    • Muda (non value adding work) is then discovered after the process is in place and is dealt with reactively


    Thanks for reading! Follow our Facebook page for more musings.